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Domain pricing

Today our company, offers the most competitive and fair prices for domain registration services. Due to the large number of domains that are in our care, we get a significant discount from our registrar. This creates a very positive impact on the price of domain names offered to you!

Domain zones Registration Renewal Transfer
.COM $8.55/year $8.55/year $8.55
.NET $11.20/year $11.20/year $11.20
.NAME $8.35/year $8.35/year $8.35
.CC $24.55/year $24.55/year $24.55
.TV $26.55/year $26.55/year $26.55
.ORG $10.55/year $10.55/year $10.55
.INFO $2.25/year $10.55/year $10.55
.LOVE $23.65/year $23.65/year $23.65
.SITE $23.65/year $23.65/year $23.65
.DESIGN $35.65/year $35.65/year $35.65
.FANS $53.65/year $53.65/year $53.65
.TECH $39.69/year $39.69/year $39.69
.ONLINE $26.65/year $26.65/year $26.65
.RENT $49.65/year $49.65/year $49.65
.PRO $2.25/year $10.60/year $10.60
.MOBI $2.25/year $11.85/year $11.85
.BIZ $10.50/year $10.50/year $10.50
.ME $7.95/year $15.35/year $15.35
.KIEV.UA $6.55/year $6.55/year $6.55
.COM.UA $7.15/year $7.15/year $7.15
.SU $4.85/year $4.85/year $4.85
.RU $3.15/year $3.15/year $3.15
.рф $3.15/year $3.15/year $3.15
.XYZ $8.95/year $8.95/year $8.95
.WEBSITE $17.65/year $17.65/year $17.65
.HOST $69.65/year $69.65/year $69.65
.PRESS $52.69/year $52.69/year $52.69
.REST $28.65/year $28.65/year $28.65
.BAR $54.65/year $54.65/year $54.65
.SPACE $16.95/year $16.95/year $16.95
.COLLEGE $52.65/year $52.65/year $52.65
.WIKI $22.65/year $22.65/year $22.65
.INK $22.65/year $22.65/year $22.65
.CLUB $10.60/year $10.60/year $10.60
.XXX $78.50/year $78.50/year $78.50
.PORN $78.50/year $78.50/year $78.50
.ADULT $78.50/year $78.50/year $78.50
.SEX $78.50/year $78.50/year $78.50
.FUN $16.65/year $16.65/year $16.65
.OOO $23.35/year $23.35/year $23.35
.STORE $43.69/year $43.69/year $43.69
.ICU $6.35/year $6.35/year $6.35
.OBSERVER $9.65/year $9.65/year $9.65
.ART $10.35/year $10.35/year $10.35

Payment methods

This payment systems could be automaticaly processed: WebMoney, InterKassa